Welcome to the Radiation Metrology website

This website presents the activities, related to radiation metrology, of the laboratories of the nuclear section of the Department of Energy. The laboratories continue the tradition in the nuclear sector dating back to the end of the 50s with the foundation of CeSNEF (Enrico Fermi Nuclear Studies Center), which has always represented a reference point in the nuclear field. Over the years the attention has progressively shifted towards measurement aspects, taking into particular account metrological traceability to international standards.

Currently several laboratories deal with these aspects, ranging from dosimetry for X and gamma beams, to neutron dosimetry, to radon measurements in controlled atmospheres and to the measurement of surface contamination. Furthermore, particular attention is paid to the organization of proficiency tests of interest to dosimetry services operating in conformity with a quality system.

Main Services

Calibration of instruments in radon chambers and measurement campaigns

Instrument calibration and smear test measurements

X and gamma ray irradiation for radioprotection instrumetation

Other Services

Research activities, funded through national and international research projects, deal mainly with spectrometry, dosimetry and microdosimetry of complex neutron, photon and charged particle fields.

Personal and ambiental dosimetry with TL and OSL devices

The laboratory provides an irradiation facility with open fields of thermal and fast neutrons. A radiometric characterization of radioactive samples of different nature and dimension is also provided to external users, both in lab and in-situ environment

Organization and participation in intercomparisons

Participation in European projects and scientific collaborations in the above sectors

Our Labs

Accredited Calibration Lab - Ionizing Radiation Sector
Radiation Metrology Lab
Thermal and Fast Neutron Irradiation Facility